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Loreto Ruiz story image

November 12 Chile

Loreto Ruiz

Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre los nuevos vinos chilenos: nuevas regiones, nuevas variedades y aclamados productores de moda, una SommClass de la experta en vinos Loreto Ruiz.

Jose “Pepe” Moquillaza story image

November 04 Pisco

Jose “Pepe” Moquillaza

Aprenderás sobre la historia y el origen del Pisco, uno de los aguardientes de uva más famosos del mundo.

Bertil Tøttenborg story image

October 20 Bolivia

Bertil Tøttenborg

Bertil Tøttenborg, Sommelier at renowned GUSTU Restaurant - The magnificence of Bolivian wines

Mónica Marín story image

October 08 Bordeaux

Mónica Marín

Discover why Bordeaux-Style Wines are so unique.
Produced in the Bordeaux region of the southwest of France, these wines are famous for their consistent excellence.

Bolivian Wine: from the Andes to your Table story image

September 29 Bolivian Wine

Bolivian Wine: from the Andes to your Table

Bolivia may not instantly come to mind when one thinks of wine, but the South American country has a long and rich viticulture history that dates back to the arrival of the Spanish missionaries, who first planted vines around the wealthy silver-mining city of Potosi in the mid-16th century.

Rock ‘n’ Wine story image

August 05 Rose

Rock ‘n’ Wine

Legendary music icon Jon Bon Jovi Brings Puts His Talent to a Good Cause

Rock music and wine may not seem an obvious pairing at first glance, but singer, songwriter and rock star Jon Bon Jovi makes it so. Two years ago, music icon and his son, Jesse Bongiovi, paired with French winemaker Gerard Bertrand to launch their own rosé, Hampton Water.

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April 11 moldova

Cristina Frolov

Hidden Giants; Exploring the World of Moldovan Wine

While France, Italy and Spain may hold the lion’s share of an industry which is over 35 billion bottles strong, there are many other players in the game. The world of Moldovan wine may be lesser known than other European countries, but that makes it somewhat of a hidden gem for those who seek something off the beaten path.

Lijia Santos  story image

April 11 Winemaker

Lijia Santos 

Caminhos Cruzados, or “Crossed Paths” in English, was a project Lijia, her father Paulo Santos, and the entire Santos family began in order to return to its origins and invest in the world of wine.

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April 10 Education

Kelli White

Before her career as a sommelier and acclaimed author, Kelli A. White was a very straight and narrow kind of kid. She had a gift for maths and sciences and won a Howard Hughes Fellowship in Neurogenetics while at Brandeis. As the stars would have it, Kelli’s life was about to change in a big way.

Diogo Sepúlveda story image

April 10 Winemaker

Diogo Sepúlveda

Diego Sepúlveda (enologist) of Casa Santos Lima, is a bullfighter that brought passion and perseverance to winemaking.

Through Matt’s Lens story image

July 23 Photography

Through Matt’s Lens

Today we sat with Matt Wilson, a portrait and lifestyle photographer whose wine photography breathes true life into the pages of many leading wine magazines.

Portugal, a Wine Lover’s Guide story image

May 26 Portuguese Wine

Portugal, a Wine Lover’s Guide

Portugal has a long history of wine making and an endless varietal of wine grapes with enough distinctive personalities to satisfy the most demanding oenophile. The different regions of this small nation that welcomes Western travelers as they head into continental Europe grow characteristically different grapes that produce singular wines, each uniquely suited to different palates.

Portland, Pinot Noir and Poltergeists story image

December 02 Winemaker

Portland, Pinot Noir and Poltergeists

We've had a few innovative wines come out over the last decade or so. Wait, maybe they've been around forever, and it's just me that's been around the last decade or so. Either way, I highly doubt you've heard of ghost wine.

Pindarie’s Paying the Pied Piper story image

November 25 Winemaker

Pindarie’s Paying the Pied Piper

It’s no secret that wine pairs well with certain types of food.

Now, I’m no wine food pairing expert, by any stretch of the imagination. To be honest, my specialty begins with a glass and ends by pairing it with food, period. Any type will do me well, as long as the wine is quality and there are at least two glasses of it available.

However, if you're a couple of steps ahead of me in the food-wine pairing game and consider my approach to be monstrous, you may not sit too well with what I'm about to share. With that in mind, I implore you to open your mind and broaden those horizons.