Wine Tourism; What Is it and Who Benefits from It?

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Wine tourism is still booming in many ways. At times it can be difficult to gauge the impact wine tourism is truly having. Luckily, it is a welcome change for everyone involved.

What is wine tourism?
Simply put, wine tourism is any type of tourism involving tasting, buying, visiting, or drinking wine.
This umbrella term includes a lot of things, like:

★ Visits to wineries
★ All-inclusive stays
★ Visits to restaurants featuring local wine and food
★ Wine tours
★ Wine tasting
★ Wine festivals
★ Exploring vineyards carrying rare vintages

The list goes on and on.

The benefit of going on a wine tour
There are so many benefits to wine tourism from the consumer’s side. One thing they all have in
common is that they take the guesswork out of the trip. You are guaranteed a knowledgeable,
enjoyable wine tour and tasting.

Secondly, a wine tour tends to feel personal – because it is. A wine tasting or tour isn’t your average
cruise around the Mediterranean or visit to the Grand Canyon; it’s a one on one experience with the
world you hold in your hand every time you take a sip. And what’s not to love about that?
Additionally, something like a guided wine tour is more helpful if you are just getting into tasting as
well. The guide may help direct your attention to details you would otherwise miss, especially when it
comes to the wine itself. Their knowledgeable palate and communication can help tremendously
here. How else would you know to look for the taste of tar and tobacco in that glass, or the blackberry
jam in the other? A wine tour is a great way to expand your palate.

The benefit to the winery
A winery benefits from wine tourism in the most obvious way – through customers. People visiting
the winery and spending money is obviously great, but the other benefits that come from these
experiences are worth their weight in gold.

A winery offering wine tours creates their own hype. This means more people talking about the
winery, sharing pictures, views, and opinions on social media, and reviewing it online. Wine tours also
help lesser-known wineries find their audience. They help build a brand and put bottles in the hands
of people who will appreciate them most.

The benefit to the surrounding area
More people at a winery also means more people visiting the surrounding area. While some wineries
may offer an all-inclusive package, much of the time people visiting a winery will need a place to stay.
They will also need food, entertainment, and the hundred other things that make life work. This
means a boom to the area around the winery as well.

Many neighbors around wineries also believe that wine tourism gives their area a sort of
socioeconomic boost – people see the area for the richness it truly has.

In general, wine tourists are respectful individuals who want to appreciate an area – not destroy it.
With this influx of caring people who see the land in a different light, the local mindset may change as
well, making people more caring of the area surrounding them.

So, who benefits most from wine tourism?
The answer is…we all do, naturally. In this booming multi-billion dollar industry, everyone is a winner.
Wineries enjoy business and having their names in more people’s conversations. The surrounding
area enjoys an economic boost as well. The consumer gets to learn and appreciate the vines and
wines more than ever before. It is harmony in the highest.