Who Gets the Most out of Wine Tourism?

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Enotourism, Vinitourism, or simply just wine tourism; whatever you call it, tourism with the purpose of getting the best wines directly from the source is a blossoming industry, and an educational and cultural gift.  Yet, who really benefits?

Who Benefits Most From Wine Tourism?

In short; everyone. The wine tourism world is booming; and not in the way that normal tourism does. Rather than unloading a bus of people with cameras on the nearest beach; wine tourism is a more private field; offering a unique experience to anyone who seeks to gain a closer look into the process of fine wines.


Wineries and Wine Communities

From private tours of the vineyard to wine tasting options; a winery offering an extensive tourism package can be a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you own a winery and are hesitant to offer tours or tastings for the effect it may have on the local culture – consider this: In general, wine tourists are very respectful of the culture. These people appreciate the subtle art of the vintner so much that they would travel halfway across the world with the purpose of visiting the grapes which make the wine itself.

The local community around the wineries also stands to greatly benefit, as affluent wine tourists inject money into the community around the winery. When they are not touring your winery, they are dining and spending leisure time in the local area. Couple that with spreading awareness about your delectable winery, and the only question which remains is what are you waiting for?


Wine Tourists

Oh wine tourists; how the vines love you. To be adored in ways only true appreciators can; vines will happily give their grapes to your taste buds. If you’ve been feeling like the big fish in a little pond recently; like your palate has explored all the wines available to you; consider a relaxing trip to a destination winery. 

Likewise; If you are a novice vintner yourself and want to learn more about the spirit and exacting science of a fine wine, there is no better way than to visit the vines themselves; steep yourself in the local culture, and take a load off.

Wine tourism also gives you the personalized experience you desire from a vacation. Whereas your normal trip to the beaches of Spain finds you surrounded by a thousand other tourists, a trip to a Spanish winery has you surrounded by…well, wine. It’s already much more appealing, right? Instead of posing for the same picture holding up the leaning tower in Pisa, Italy; try taking a picture among hundreds of wine barrels, a glass of fine Barolo in your hands. It is a memory that cannot be beat.

Why wine grapes tend to grow in some of the most beautiful areas of the world is a beautiful mystery. From the majestic fields of Spain and Italy to the warm hearth of Australia and New Zealand, the rich vines in Portugal to the valleys of California; wine tourism is (perhaps not coincidentally) also an exploration of some of the most beautiful areas of the World.


The Jury is….Hung

In the case of the near three billion dollar wine tourism industry; we can’t decide who stands to gain more. Wineries enjoy the economic boosts of respectful tourism; while tourists can steep themselves in the wealth of knowledge and culture surrounding their favorite grapes. As sappy as it is to say…we’re all winners here.